Patrick J Galea & Associates is a young Firm of Advocates, oriented towards commercial law and practice, founded by Patrick J Galea some twenty three years ago. Established in Valletta, it is active in litigation/arbitration, in advising and offering assistance in all aspects of commercial corporate spheres, intellectual property and competition law, financial services and banking, tourism and leisure, timeshare industry and construction industry.  The firm is small since it believes that size does not necessarily matter and aspires towards being a boutique firm. 

Patrick J Galea was admitted to practice in 1982. As is the case in most Continental Europe, the Advocate combines the two functions of pleading and audience before the Courts with advising and counseling.  

His main areas of activity include commercial litigation and arbitration, corporate work in all aspects, intellectual property and competition, and information technology, construction industry, planning regulation financial services with particular reference to the Banking sector, Leisure, travel, tourism and timeshare industry.   

The Firm is in constant and close collaboration with legal firms from the European capitals.

 He is a Head of  the Civil Law  Department at the University of  Malta and  lectures  in Civil Law and Civil Procedure at the Faculty of  Laws  and also in the Faculty of  Economics, Management and Accountancy at the University of  Malta. Patrick J Galea is also part of the Editorial Board responsible for the preparation and publication of commented Court Judgments of the Courts of Malta. He has also published various papers both in Malta and overseas and regularly addresses conferences for professional and other audiences.

The firm is supported by various associate Advocates and trainee lawyers: it is a particularly popular office for Law students from the University of Malta for the period of practice prior to admission to the Bar.


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