Patrick J. Galea & Associates operates from offices in Old Theatre Street and Old Bakery Street, in Valletta – and works in close association though retaining its autonomy with Sciriha Attard Montalto Galea another respected Law firm in Valletta. 

The Firm, in keeping with the humanist tradition it strives to embrace, places among its priorities its investment in a library and legal resources. 

We can be contacted at the following address:

55, Old Theatre Street, Valletta - MALTA VLT 07
48, Old Bakery Street, Valletta - MALTA

Tel: +356 21-237622, 21-250502, 21-238107, 21-232387
Fax: +356 21-230541, +356 21-250857

                                                  [email protected]

As is the general philosophy and style of the office, this site is deliberately low key and understated, preferring to focus on the classical timeless approach of service, quality and integrity with a sparkle of  “Úlan”.